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Stadium Architectural Photos 2020

Stadium Architectural Photos

Stadiums are the places where the excitement and passion of sports are at the highest level. While these magical places bring millions of people together, they also have a fascinating architecture. The architectural designs of stadiums not only host sporting events, but also give life to these structures.

Architectural photography of stadiums requires capturing unique designs and fascinating details. Each stadium tells a different story and uses architectural design as a language to tell that story. We visited Göztepe stadium to understand and emphasise this story and focused on these special details.

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The exterior of stadiums often offers a mesmerising visual feast. The aesthetic design of modern stadiums adds value to the cityscape and its surroundings. We aimed to photograph the facade details and different angles so that we could emphasise the architectural elegance of the stadium.

However, the interiors of stadiums are just as impressive as their exteriors. The layout of the stands, the comfort of the spectators and optimised facilities for watching sporting events are an important part of the design of the stadiums. When photographing the interiors, our goal was to capture the atmosphere inside the stadium and make the viewer feel it.

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