Saat & Saat / Welder Watch Executive Shooting for Ramazan Kaya 2017

Executive Shooting

We made executive shootings with Ramazan Kaya, General Manager of Saat&Saat, at Baselworld Fair in Switzerland. Executive portrait photography has become a necessity in the modern business world. Business individuals and executives require photographs that represent themselves and their companies. These photographs are used on company websites, corporate documents, press releases, and social media platforms. Therefore, a professional executive portrait photography session enhances a company’s corporate image.

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For an executive portrait photography session, it is crucial to collaborate with a professional photographer. The photographer should work diligently to capture each executive’s personal style and professional identity. We, as a company, teamed up with a specialized photographer to arrange a customized session for our executives. Our photographer paid meticulous attention to bring out the individual characteristics and style of each executive.

Executive portrait photography is not only about professionalism but also about conveying trust and sincerity. An executive’s photograph should instill trust in potential clients and business partners. Thus, during the photography session, we placed great emphasis on making our executives feel at ease and achieving a natural expression. Instead of stiff posing, we allowed our executives to act naturally, resulting in photographs that exude authenticity and trustworthiness.

Choosing the right location is also crucial for executive portrait photography. We selected a modern and professional setting within our company for the photoshoot. This setting allowed our executives to showcase their leadership and capabilities in the business world. Additionally, proper lighting and background selection were vital to enhance the quality of the photographs.

During the executive portrait photography session, multiple poses and angles were used for each executive. This provided options that allowed each executive to have photographs that reflected their unique style. Simultaneously, the photographs were tailored to suit different usage scenarios. For example, one pose was designed for use in press releases, while other poses were more suitable for social media profiles or website usage.

The outcome of the executive portrait photography session was a collection of professional and impressive portraits for our company’s executives. These photographs have become an essential component that reflects our corporate identity. Furthermore, our clients, business partners, and stakeholders have all positively responded to these photographs. The photographs have played a significant role in enhancing the reputation of our executives in the business world.

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