Individual Headshot

Individual headshot photo shoot is a professional portrait shoot that usually focuses on the individual’s face and shoulders. Such photos are often used for job applications, social media profiles, professional networks or personal branding purposes.

Remember that your headshot photo will create a first impression about you, so it is important to focus on a professional and reassuring appearance.

Team Headshot

Team headshot photography involves professional portrait photographs of a group of employees for the purpose of promoting the employees of a business or organisation, strengthening corporate communication or for use on social media and websites. In this type of shoot, the individual portrait of each employee is usually shot in the same style and setting.

Team headshots should generally conform to corporate colour and design standards.
It is important to maintain a unity where each employee appears in the same style and frame. In addition to creating a visual identity that represents your organisation, team headshot photos can help team members feel more connected with each other and with customers.

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